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Lullaby for a Haunted Night



With ghostly light

Sits on the porch

Still, with a knife

Right on the nose


Flame, light, and shine

Round lid and hollows

The pumpkin lamp

The children will follow


It hopes to breath

Fire and glow

As children will come

For candy tomorrow


Orangy dance

Hallowee’ horror

A clear, bright night

Bringing explorers


A wizard, a tiger

A minion, a swallow

The Jack-O’-Lantern

The children will follow


Deep-carved eyes

And no ears, oh no

Guiding their steps

To the candy-land world


With the cap removed

And two teeth in black

Spirits and witches

Start to come back


Right at the door

Guarded by pumpkins

An angel and demons

A spider and clown twins


Ghostly moon light

Counting the sheep

To the candy-land world

It’s time to sleep



Haydeé Espino is a poet and translator from Ciudad Juárez, México.  She is currently studying for her PhD in Translation Studies at Kent State University, and splits her time between Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois.

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