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Love in the Asylum



Love in the Asylum


I will escape the asylum

to find you

wearing only a candle on my head

and sing

with a lu lu la lai…

where the world walked through my life

with bloody shoes,

paced thin the ice that’s been my life,

passed through

the eye of my needle,

the black backside of a mirror,

where a nurse with a pin light like the star of Bethlehem

makes rounds for the last suicide check of the night,

the moon on her face like a search light

going over and over a life made of blame

like headlights widening and accusing with silence.


We talked till late about the poetry of Hell,

how poets lie and burn,

and smoke rises

like an animal twisting in its shell

who knows its shape by the walls

like 7th grade geometry of windows and planes—

first letters we hung on the corners of nothing.


I will escape

on the back wings of the hospital,

ascending merely by belief in you,


and we will meet at a quiet café

that is pleasant and gloomy,

and drink according to the wind…

and the wind is always strong.


Softly she comes, the nurse, on tiptoes.

Look away!

Close these eyes, the coffin lids!

Our gowns hang loose…

The night is… resolute—

wet and lovely, our mouths.


And pacing, pacing

circles, spirited away

to islands of soft grass

and the air full of the child’s hosannahs, the child

in circles runs.


Then night will fall, and rain

and into each other we fall—

into the effigies of wind in dreams of the body in abandon

in the blue blue flames beyond.


Marlon L. Fick divide su tiempo entre Ciudad de México y Odessa, Texas, donde es profesor de literatura inglesa en la Universidad de Texas—Permian Basin. Además de traductor, es poeta con varios títulos publicados. Ha recibido el premio National Endowment for the Arts de escritura creativa. Editó y tradujo la antología The River is Wide/El río es ancho. Twenty Mexican Poets. Antología bilingüe, traducción de 20 poetas mexicanos.